Weekly Practice Tests

A big part to success in studying for your certification is to do regular practice exams that SIMULATE the real exam that you will be taking soon. At various times throughout the course (all courses are different) you will be required to take regular practice exams. These exams – combined with our talented teacher will prepare you in the best possible way for you to pass your certification.

When you are coming to one of our physical locations you will work alone as well as in GROUPS to do practice tests. We have found this is the best way for all students to share knowledge key to success. When you are participating in this class remotely we have set up a unique virtual machine that will also allow you to take the same practice exams as the students at one of our campus locations.

In this page you will have a few resources that will aid you in taking the practice test.

We are utilizing virtual servers as well as Remote Desktop to procure these practice sessions. It is important in IT to be able to “Remote” into servers to do your job. With these practice tests you will not only be learning important skills to take your test but you will also be using the tools to train in the skills you will need as an IT professional.

We have set up two ways for you to access our virtual servers.

The first is on your Chromebook we supply our students. We have installed a Chrome App called “Chrome RDP” that you can access the remote desktop of our practice server. This is CHROME BROWSER BASED ONLY so if you are studying on a CHROMEBOOK this is how you will access the server.

If you are studying on any “Windows” desktop you will use the included “Remote Desktop Client”. If you are in Windows on the “search bar” just type “Remote Desktop Connection” and you will see an icon that looks like this in order to launch just click. This is only applicable if you are in windows. NOTE: If you are in Windows you can run EITHER the Chrome RDP Browser App (Assuming you are using Chrome) OR the RDP application in Windows.

Virtual Practice Test Server address 1:

Virtual Practice Test Server address 2:

Virtual Practice Test Server address 3:

Virtual Practice Test Server address 4:

Virtual Practice Test Server address 5:

NOTE: At this time we only have 5x Virtual Servers. If the connection is busy or you “kick” someone off accidentally that is ok. Just escape out and try another until you find a free one. If they are all being used please let an instructor know. We will continue to add virtual testing servers over time.

Finally, your instructor will provide you with the passwords for all of our servers so please contact them if you need the current password.

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